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Digital Hammer works with clients on various different types of corporate video production, but one of the most common requests we get is health and safety video.

Businesses want to benefit from providing highly engaging, animated health and safety videos to educate and inform their workforce. Protect yourself and your staff from illness or injury in the workplace. Taking care of your staff makes them more inclined to look after your company’s interests. They will feel safer, more confident and valued. It makes good business sense to get equipped with the knowledge and skills to improve safety at work.

We were delighted to work with one of the global leaders in food production, the Kerry Group, to produce a Health and Safety video. Filmed over three days in their Coleraine plant, on the banks of the River Bann, we developed a script and treatment to fit their requirements and worked with some of the staff to produce an engaging and informative corporate health and safety video.

As always we worked closely with the client in post-production to ensure that the final cut incorporated all the elements they had hoped for. The three day shooting schedule was tight but with a comprehensive shot-list, detailed production schedule and working closely with Kerry’s staff we created a twelve minute audio visual treat. Health and Safety is FUN! (And not too expensive to produce).

If you would like to create a health and safety video for your company, we'd love to help.

Digital Hammer is a leading video production company in Belfast that helps corporate clients harness the power of video to develop their businesses.

Do you have an idea for a corporate video? Use our online video production quote service, fill out your details, and we'll get back to you with a competitive price.

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