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Just because you’re shooting in 4K, that doesn’t mean you have to work in 4K. For many projects, 1080p is good enough. The benefit of shooting in 4K is a quadrupled resolution, allowing you to zoom in cleanly since you have a much better source video to work with.

This is perfect for cutting to close-ups, effectively eliminating jump-cuts from your finished product entirely. This effect can commonly be seen in single-camera interviews, where the perspective shifts between a wide full-body shot and a close-up shot of the interviewee talking. Pull it off well and it can be used for dramatic effect to add emphasis and connect better with the subject.

You can even grab fairly high resolution still images from your footage. They won’t look amazing, but they’re good enough to use on the web, as YouTube thumbnails, or even Instagram posts. Even if your end product will be 1080p, shooting 4K will deliver a higher quality downsampled image. Capturing four times the amount of information you need won’t produce an image that’s four times better looking, but the end result will be noticeably sharper.

Operating as one of the market leaders in video production Belfast, Digital Hammer has all the equipment and expertise needed to bring your ideas to life in 4k video.

We provide a full range of video production studio services, and although we are based in Belfast, we are delighted to work for clients right across Northern Ireland and beyond.

We would love to hear your ideas for next video production or video marketing campaign. Use our online quote form to get in touch, let us know what you are thinking about, and we'll get back to you with some creative options for you to consider.

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