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Terms & Conditions of Business



Digital Hammer is a film & video production company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


Office Address:

Digital Hammer

46 South Parade




Video Production Proposal

Digital Hammer will send a Proposal to the client before starting work.

The Proposal will set out the scope of the work that Digital Hammer agrees to undertake for the client, together with the fees payable.

If the client requests any deviations from the scope of work as set out in the Proposal, the client will be responsible for any additional costs incurred as a result.


Requested Information

Digital Hammer may require information from the client before starting work.

Examples of required information include scripts, copywriting, video files, images, feedback, instructions, etc.

The client agrees to provide this information as quickly as reasonably possible after it is requested.

Digital Hammer will not accept liability for any loss incurred as a result of the client not providing information when requested, including any loss of quality/content in the final work provided.



50% of the fee specified in the Proposal will be paid by the client before Digital Hammer starts work.

Digital Hammer will issue an invoice for the remaining amount after work has been completed as per the Proposal.

The client will pay any invoice within 15 days of it being issued.

On occasion, staged payments can be facilitated. If staged payments are agreed, details will be set out in the Proposal.



The final work will be delivered to the client via a third party file download service.

If the client requires the final work to be delivered via any other means, the client will be responsible for any additional costs incurred in doing so.


Intellectual Property

Digital Hammer retains all relevant intellectual property rights in all content created until all outstanding invoices issued to the client have been settled in full.

Any video or other content created by Digital Hammer cannot be shared or made public until all outstanding invoices are fully discharged.


Limitation of Liability

The client confirms that it possesses the relevant intellectual property rights to all material provided to Digital Hammer for incorporation into any video or other content created.

The client will be responsible for any loss or damage, including indemnification of any claims against Digital Hammer, arising from the provision of any material that it does not have permission to use.

For on-location filming, the client will ensure that all necessary permissions/insurance/access arrangements/site preparations will be put in place before Digital Hammer starts work. Digital Hammer will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from the client’s failure to put the necessary permissions/insurance/access arrangements/site preparations in place in advance of arrival on location.

If Digital Hammer arrives on location, but filming cannot proceed due to any omissions by the client, the total fees for that day’s filming, including travel expenses, will remain payable in full.


Non Disclosure

Digital Hammer and the client agrees that all information exchanged between them is confidential.

Neither will make disclosures to a non-party to this agreement without the express permission of the other party.

Digital Hammer and the client agree to use any information exchanged solely for the purposes of performing the services set out in the Proposal. Any information provided by either party will be returned to the other on request.



If any dispute arises between Digital Hammer and the client, the courts of Northern Ireland will have exclusive jurisdiction.


Entire Agreement

These terms reflect the entire agreement between Digital Hammer and the client. It takes precedence over any other agreements made between the parties, oral, written or otherwise.


Updated November 2018

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